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Sorabora Village Hotel


Sorabora Village Hotel, Mahiyanganaya, Sri Lanka

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Welcome to Sorabora Village Hotel. Sorabora Village is the most conveniantly located Tourist Board Approved Hotel in Mahiyangana. An excellent choice for entertaining your selected guests for all your special events. We specialize in wedding receptions, business functions, conventions, reunions, celebrations, fine dining, company luncheons & more!

Must visit to every Sri lankan who likes to experience something new and old."New" it is the Sorabora Village Hotel a star class hotel and the first in Mahiyangaya. The hotel centrally located on the famous Sorabora Wewa Road and it is a few seconds away to the man made historical Sorabora Wewa."Old'' it is Veddha in Dambana, which is 30 munities, drive from the hotel.

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